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                Steady is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China. Founded in 90 decade of last century, Steady grew up with the development of textile industry. After 20 years of hard working, it not only built a great brand image in the market, but also got respec
                • R&D:

                  Steady keeps step with global trend. We are open to communicate with client worldwide, with designers from Italy and France, devote to develop innovative products to each client.
                • Quality:

                  Steady selects rare materials worldwide, such as super-fine wool, mohair, alpaca and cashmere. We guarantee the reliable of material as well as the Steady quality by working with premium yarn supplies.
                • Technology:

                  Steady keeps eyes on technology. We never stop improvement of machinery, finishing and production, aiming to be better in terms of quality and efficiency, and have built premium working system.
                • Improvement:

                  Steady emphasizes development of every staff. We encourage them to focus on innovating, fusing traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, to improve themselves as well as product.
                • Respect:

                  Steady treasure each communication with client, trying to build stable relationship with clients.
                • Responsibility:

                  Steady pay attention to customers and environment. We believe trust from customers is the most valuable wealth to us, which remind us to be strict with quality and service. Meanwhile, we pay a lot of attention on environment.